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Tuck Point & Masonry Restoration

At Revolutionary Chimney Service, we specialize in tuck pointing and masonry restoration to ensure the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your chimney. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Obstruction Removal

Removing obstructions from your chimney is crucial for safety and efficiency. We have the expertise and tools to effectively eliminate blockages, ensuring proper ventilation and preventing potential hazards.

Repair & Restoration

From minor repairs to comprehensive chimney restoration, our team is committed to preserving the functionality and beauty of your chimney. Trust us to handle all your repair and restoration needs with precision and care.

Sweep & Inspections

Regular chimney sweeping and inspections are essential for maintaining a safe and efficient fireplace or heating system. Count on us for thorough sweep services and detailed inspections to keep your chimney in top condition.

Gas Logs & More

Enhance the ambiance and warmth of your home with our gas log installation and other fireplace accessories. We offer a range of options to elevate your fireplace experience and create a cozy atmosphere for your family and guests.

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